Breck on Blake has a history with great beer. We're owned by Colorado legends Breckenridge Brewery and Wynkoop Brewing Company, you know the guys who basically started this whole craft beer thing.

So it's no wonder we proudly feature so many of their beers on tap. It's a good reminder to stay true to our roots and keep the spirit of craft brewers alive. To learn more about the Breckenridge Brewery and Ale House connection, visit BreckBrew.com.


Hello fellow taste seekers. Welcome to the brewery that started in the Ballpark Neighborhood before the Ballpark Neighborhood was even a neighborhood. Proudly opening its doors in 1992 before Coors Field was even built, Breckenridge Brewery’s downtown location boldly planted a flag in what used to be a ghost town. The word spread like wildfire and Breckenridge Brewery soon became a gathering place for connoisseurs of local beer and great food alike.

Over the years the Ballpark Neighborhood has thrived with the arrival of hip living spaces and thousands of new residents to make a fun, vibrant community. So take a stroll around and you’ll find fun filled restaurants, bars and a host of new small craft breweries fitting in nicely with their neighbors.